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Workman Formulas is dedicated to bringing you the finest cleaning and deodorizing formulas and products, for today's market.  We spend the time researching, developing, and custom designing cleaning formulations to meet your needs.  We create cleaning formulas to work the way you expect them to. 

Cleaning and deodorizing formulas and products, our area of expertise.  We specialize in formulas for everyday cleaning and deodorizing, for household use, to formulas at a commercial grade level, for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing.  We even offer environmentally friendly cleaning and deodorizing formulas and products, that are not only safe, but effectively perform.

We will work with you in designing a single cleaning product to a complete line of cleaning formulas and products, for everyday home use to commercial grade use.

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Chemistry that Cleans

Our own chemists specialize in both high quality and safe chemistry to formulate products that will effectively clean and deodorize.  Let us assist you in designing your specialized cleaning and deodorizing formulas.

Formulas Specially Designed for Self-Dissolving Water-Soluble Packets - Our Specialty

  • Formulas Suitable for Water-Soluble Packaging
    • Automatic Dishwasher Detergents, Dish Soaps
    • Laundry Detergents, Laundry Soaps
    • All-Purpose Cleaners
    • Floor Cleaners
    • Toilet Bowl Cleaners
    • Boat and Camper Tank Deodorizers
    • Septic Enhancers
    • Deodorizers
    • Neutralizers
    • Bio-cides
    • Septic Safe
    • Environmentally Friendly Cleaners
  • Formulas Available in Three Forms
    • Liquid
    • Gel
    • Powder
  • Benefits of Water-Soluble Pre-Measured Packets
    • Be Competitive in Today's Consumer Market
    • Consumer Friendly
    • Pre-Measured, No Product Waste to Consumer
    • Cleaning Packets Dissolve Completely in Water
    • Easy, No Hassle, Use for Your Consumers
    • Convenient, Just Drop In and Go
    • Safe to Handle
    • No Fumes, Dust, or Chemical Contact
    • Spill Proof Packaging
    • Environmentally Friendly